Enertechnix's line of high-performance infrared imaging cameras and gas temperature measurement tools enables performance engineers and operations managers to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize unplanned boiler and furnace outages, thereby improving heat rate and reducing carbon footprints. Our R&D team provides a broad range of capabilities, including airborne sampling, collection and classification technologies.

Superior Visibility & Temperature Measurement

Our mobile, dual use and fixed mount infrared imaging cameras provide the best visibility within particle-laden furnaces and recovery boilers. Our acoustic pyrometry tools deliver robust, accurate gas temperature measurement to aid in combustion...

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Decades of Hands-on Industry Experience

We have a successful track record of helping industries using high-temperature processes-including power generation, waste-to-energy, pulp and paper, iron and steel, petrochemical and cement-see internal boiler and furnace conditions and measure...

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Research & Development

Our diverse team of scientists works with institutions such as the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Energy, National Institutes of Health, National Labs, top research universities, private companies and nonprofits to deliver innovative...

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Customer Support

The Enertechnix support team is available to answer your questions by phone, fax and email. Our technicians are available to perform inspections, assist in your process and boiler applications, recommend replacements and upgrades, and assist...

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Our Products

Mobile Camera

The PyrOptix Mobile infrared camera kit contains everything an engineer or operator...

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Fixed Mount Camera

The PyrOptix Fixed Mount infrared camera is designed to see through smoke and ash...

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PyroRemote Inspection Camera

The PyroRemote Inspection Camera allows a user to insert a camera inside the cooler...

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PyroMetrix Acoustic Pyrometers

The PyroMetrixTM Acoustic Pyrometer is a non-contact measurement device that...

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Our Clients